News and Announcements

08.24.14 | Napa earthquake

Did you feel the M6.0 South Napa earthquake on August 24? Get more information about the quake and learn more about how to get prepared in our South Napa Earthquake Portal.

04.03.14 | Landslide

Do you know your landslide risk? In light of the recent landslide in Washington and the torrential rains the Bay Area has been experiencing this spring, now’s the time to understand your risk for landslide. Though there is no national standard to track landslide hazard, ABAG has local maps that can help you learn your risk and understand what you can do. Find more information and map your risk here.

12.03.13 | Rockefeller Resilient Cities Announced

Congratulations to Oakland, Berkeley, and San Francisco selected as the first group of resilient cities through the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities Centennial Challenge! These cities join an impressive list of cities around the world and will receive support to continue their good work. Their joint efforts will help enhance the resilience of our whole region.

10.14.13 | Many Older LA Buidlings Could Collapse in an Earthquake – LA Times, Oct 12, 2013

LA Times | Oct 12, 2013. Many older LA buildings could collapse in an earthquake.
“Despite their sturdy appearance, many older concrete buildings are vulnerable to the sideways movement of a major earthquake because they don’t have enough steel reinforcing bars to hold columns in place.”
The Concrete Coalition estimates that there are 16,000 – 17,000 of these buildings across the State.

09.30.13 | Updated shaking scenario maps

We’ve updated our earthquake shaking scenarios! Through a partnership with USGS, we’ve recently changed our earthquake scenario shaking maps to better reflect new research. We’ve also made a few other changes to our maps, including the interface, pages specific to the hazard in your county, and identifying the top hazard scenarios for where you live. Head over to our Earthquakes page to check it out!

07.22.13 | Welcome to the new site!

Welcome to our new website! As you can tell, we’ve made some drastic changes. Please take a look around. If there is a specific page you can’t find the search bar works quite well, or please contact us and ask!

06.26.13 | Climate Ready Grants

Is your city climate ready? The California State Coastal Conservancy has recently announced their Climate Ready Grants to support actions that enhance the resiliency of coastal communities and ecosystems to a changing climate. Read more and apply today!

05.14.13 | Rockefeller Resilient Cities

Make your city a resilient city! The Rockefeller Foundation is inviting cities from around the world to apply for the 100 Resilient Cities Centennial Challenge. Learn more and consider nominating your city.

04.22.13 | Airport Resilience Draft Reports

We want your feedback! Please comment on first two draft reports of our Infrastructure and Airport Resilience Project, under Project Outcomes. Send questions or comments here by 5 pm Friday, May 3.

03.22.13 | Resilience Initiative Adopted

ABAG’s Resilience Initiative has been adopted by the Executive Board. Read the policy papers online.