About Us

The Association of Bay Area Governments is the regional planning agency for the nine counties and 101 cities and towns of the San Francisco Bay region. ABAG is committed to leading the region through advocacy, collaboration, and excellence in planning, research, housing, and member services to advance the quality of life in the San Francisco Bay Area. ABAG’s planning and service programs work to address regional economic, social, and environmental challenges.


Working in concert with the Planning Department of the Association of Bay Area Governments, the Earthquake and Hazards Program seeks to promote a more sustainable, resilient and prosperous region where our communities are prepared to withstand and quickly recover from the effects of earthquakes and natural hazards of regional importance.


ABAG’s Earthquake and Hazards Program supports recovery and mitigation planning and implementation at the regional, community, and individual scales.


  • Work to develop a regional land use pattern which reduces the risk of natural hazards.
  • Provide a platform for local governments to come together to jointly plan, share best practices and develop a shared understanding of regional needs for an effective recovery.
  • Disseminate scientific information in an understandable and usable way that facilitates good policy and planning decisions.
  • Provide tools for local governments to develop and implement mitigation and recovery plans.


We carry out these activities through cross-jurisdictional coordination and collaboration, research, advocacy, education, communication, and technical assistance to local governments.

Last updated: 09.15.2014